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Residential Barn, Plain, Washington

Situated along the Wenatchee River in Plain the site already had an old barn which was in bad shape after years of exposure to the elements. The owners needed a new barn for equipment storage, a home office and a place to entertain guests. As the original barn was within the current Wenatchee River setback a new location had to be found further from the river and was finally nestled amongst some mature trees with south facing exposure. In order to save some of the history of the site and existing barn the siding was salvaged along with old beams and reused in the new barn; not only did this respect the original barn but gave the new barn instant historic character. New locally sourced cedar siding was used alongside the reclaimed siding allowing for an interesting juxtaposition of old and new.

Build Highlights:
Salvaged barn wood siding reused for the new front entry wall.

Salvaged wood beams used for interior details and sills.

3’-0” deep roof overhangs keep snow away from the wall bases.

4’-0” tall concrete stem walls prevent snow and water from leading to wood rot and water staining.

A ‘cold roof’ with insulation on top of the framing not only meets energy code requirements but also allows the heavy timber glulam roof framing and Douglas Fir car decking to be exposed from below.

A mini-split heat pump provides very efficient heat and cooling in a climate that sees high temperature swings throughout the seasons.

An outdoor shower allows for easy rinsing after a hard day working on the property.

The southern exposure with a large glass wall gives the main party room a warm open feeling despite being nested amongst some large mature trees.

The standing seam roof helps shed snow while also greatly reducing the risk of fire from wild fires.