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Nicholson Residence, Boulder, CO. 

The Nicholson residence remodel and addition started with a 1970’s single story ranch style house which was then dissected by a new 2 story contemporary addition. The new addition faced due south to capitalize on solar gain for passive solar heating and natural day lighting. The new second floor housed a master suite with a walk in closet that connected the bedroom to the master bathroom. This configuration allowed for an early riser to wake, shower, dress and depart without waking a sleeping partner. The new ground floor area allowed for an expanded open plan kitchen, dining and living room.


Building Highlights:

  • The addition was oriented south for solar access in the high diurnal swing Colorado climate.
  • An open and airy curving stair leads to an open mezzanine which acts as a sitting area outside the master bedroom.
  • A ground source heat pump provides free heating.