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Loyal Heights Remodel & Addition

Ballard, Washington

With a second child on the way the Shamah family wanted to expand their small previously remodeled attic which housed a bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The goal of this residential remodel was to create a reasonably sized master bedroom with walk in closet and 2 nice sized bedrooms and a full bath. The old roof was torn down and a new second floor was built using a combination of vaulted ceilings and dormers to maintain a scale that respected the neighborhood. The stairs and landing were marked with a 10’-0” long temperature controlled skylight which not only allowed the landing to be washed with natural daylight but also help control the indoor temperature by opening and closing based on the indoor temperature and closing automatically in the event of rain. The skylight was further emphasized by exposing the Douglas Fir glulam beams that framed the opening.

Project Highlights

  • An operable Nana Wall door system which forms the outside corner of the kitchen allows for both visual and physical connection to the back deck and yard.
  • Recycled glass kitchen bar and bathroom countertops.
  • New Bamboo bathroom cabinets and master bedroom closet cabinets.
  • A rolling library ladder in the master closet provides access to high cubbies utilizing all available space while folding away while not in use.
  • Hydronic floor heating throughout the house provides a consistent temperature without the need for forced air which can be a problem for those with allergies.
  • Refinished mahogany floors
  • All natural wool carpets work well with in-floor heating while eliminating many of the chemicals required for nylon carpets which contain VOC’s and can impact indoor air quality.
  • Western Red Cedar rain screen siding.
  • Western Red Cedar shingles with a ‘whitewash” type finish protects the cedar from harmful UV rays without losing the beauty and feel of real wood.
  • A full insulation upgrade on the existing walls for energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Standing seam metal roofing installed.
  • A complete seismic retrofit ensures that in the of event seismic activity the family will stand a much better chance of surviving the event and allow them to escape the building unhurt or trapped in a partially collapsed structure. Ultimately the structure may no longer be inhabitable but they’ll be alive to rebuild.