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Lapke Residence, Kirkland, WA

The Lapkes needed to expand their home due to a growing family and wanted a master suite with an adjacent nursery that could be used as an office in the future and to enlarge the craft room for the kids. The existing building split the site in two acting as a barrier between the two side yards. The solution was to build a 2 story element that provided vertical circulation to the new master suite above the garage while also allowing for both visual and physical connection between the side yards. The new glass tower which housed the stairs also became a ‘crossroads’ with not only vertical circulation but also in both axis on the ground floor. Additionally, the area beneath the stairs became a nicely scaled play area for the kids and with book shelves forming one side creating a kids ‘hideout’. 

Building Highlights:

  • 2 story glass tower with exposed glulam beam columns creating the structural frame.
  • Vaulted ceilings provide more volume and create a more dynamic experience.
  • The walk though closet attached to the bathroom and nursery allows for an early riser to wake, shower, dress and depart without waking a sleeping partner.
  • A gorgeous stair is the main focal point and centered within a nicely lit 2 story glass tower that’s both equally beautiful and functional.