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Green Lake Residence, Seattle, WA

The Green Lake residence began as an awkward mass that combined a gable roof, a hip roof, and, unbelievably, a shed roof. In addition to this haphazard collection of forms, the entry lacked any definition or prominence. Sadly the house not only lacked any design discipline but was also hurting from years of missing a proper foundation. The owners wanted to transform the exterior appearance into a more modern home while maintaining the character of a classic NW bungalow. In addition to the aesthetic changes, the house was jacked up, and a new foundation was built along with a small office and laundry room addition to the rear. 



Alaskan Yellow Cedar glulam beams were used for the front entry deck framing and guardrail for their natural durability to the NW weather.

Pre-cast concrete stair treads were used for the front steps for their durability in the NW weather.

Pedestal set stone pavers were installed on the front deck to reduce maintenance compared to standard wood decks.


Metal-clad wood windows with integral metal trim are more resistant to the NW weather while maintaining an attractive, classical look, while the Douglas Fir interior provides the desirable warmth and beauty of wood.