Green Lake Home Remodel

Seattle, Washington

This Green Lake home was an awkward combination of three different roofs: a gable roof, a hip roof, and, unbelievably, a shed roof. In addition to lacking design discipline, the house was suffering from years of not having a proper foundation. The owners wanted to transform the exterior appearance into a more modern home while maintaining the character of a classic Northwest bungalow.

Project Highlights

  • In addition to the aesthetic changes, the house was jacked up and a new foundation was built.
  • A small office and laundry room addition to the rear of the house.
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar glulam beams were used for the front entry deck framing and guardrail for their natural durability and weather protection.
  • Metal-clad wood windows with integral metal trim were chosen for weather resistance while the Douglas Fir interior provides the desirable warmth and beauty of wood.