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Gothic Arch Barn,
Maltby, WA

Seattle-based CCM Architecture & Construction wins prestigious Luxe Residential Excellence in Design Award 2021: National Winner, Restoration or Renovation & Pacific Northwest Regional, Restoration Or Renovation. While a landmark in Maltby, Washington, this Gothic-style barn had fallen into disrepair. CCM Architecture & Construction preserved its historic style, bringing it back to life for the Snohomish community while modernizing it with networked heating, cooling, and lighting.


CCM Architecture Owner Charles Mellon says, “We’re thrilled to receive this recognition for historic restoration. Though challenging, this project was deeply satisfying to us, the current owner, and the local community. To revive it, we had to pull the walls and roof back into alignment, replace rotten trusses and we clad the exterior in reclaimed lumber and Cor-Ten steel.”  


Ryan Pohlman’s longtime dream came true as the owner of this historic ‘smart barn.’ He had long ago set his eyes on this property though it took many years to secure a successful purchase. Then, the barn was nearly destroyed by a fire and a truck accident which knocked it off its foundation just before ownership transfer. Luckily, the building could still be salvaged. A local resident caught wind of the renovation and recounted that it was his great grandfather who had built the original barn in the late 1920s.


CCM’s first task was to make the building structurally sound and prevent collapse. A huge undertaking because of several factors. In the truck crash the ceiling joists were separated from the walls which allowed the  roof arches to push the walls out of plumb. On top of that the ridges of the roof sank at the same time. The CCM team needed to get the structure back into alignment, plus repair the rot. Once stabilized, they enhanced it with unique interior details, including hidden motorized blinds, steel work in mezzanine rails and stairs, and a curved interior ceiling between the original hand-built structural arches. Preserving the exposed roof framing, they maintained the dark wood of the trusses to contrast with the white ceiling. Viewing the building from a distance, with lights shining brightly within, it is a remarkable design feat and beacon of history and hope.


“We are looking forward to similar, future projects and bringing forgotten beauty back to life,” says Mellon.


The Luxe RED Awards honor excellence, innovation and the best residential architecture, design and landscape projects across the country.