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Our Process

CCM Architecture + Construction is a small independent company that focuses on quality design and construction with the goal of remaining affordable and approachable to anyone who has the desire to live or work within beautiful and thoughtful spaces. Below is a little bit about our process to give you an idea of what to expect when working with our professional team.

Your Initial Consultation

Discuss overall Program (wish list)
Discuss Schedule and budget

Submit Design Proposal
3 rounds of feedback with client
(Pre-design, Schematic design, Design Development, Construction drawings)
ROM (Rough order of magnitude) for price to figure out overall cost and necessary changes for budget

Cost estimating, last rom
Finalize construction drawings and retain building permit/other permits as necessary
Get finish details decided (materials, finishes, etc.)
General Building Permit issued
Review time for start date considering weather and other projects

Start Construction
We bill bi-monthly 15th & 30th (we show all receipts for materials for invoicing)

Project Closeout
Punch-list: do a walk-through with client to fix odds and ends and they sign off when everything is taken care of
Paint touch ups, final cleaning, etc.
We get final payment and close out the project