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About Us

CCM Architecture + Construction is a small independent company that focuses on quality design and construction with the goal of remaining affordable and approachable to anyone who has the desire to live or work within beautiful and thoughtful spaces.

The company is owned and operated by Charles C Mellon; a licensed architect, a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor and a LEED ap. In addition, we have a diverse and experienced team with years of project management, design, framing, trim, decking, metal work and numerous other skills to complete a truly custom project.

CCM Architecture’s team has the experience, ability and connections to achieve your ultimate goal, whether it be design, construction or both. Our small group of specialized skill sets allows us to provide a diverse yet affordable scope of services for projects of any size and type.

We make every effort to employ local service providers and manufacturing companies and believe in buying local or Made in the USA!

Our primary service areas are Seattle, the Puget Sound, King County, Lake Wenatchee, Plain, Leavenworth and Chelan County; however, we also have projects throughout Washington State and as far away as Billings MT, Big Horn MT, Redondo Beach CA, Whistler BC and Boulder CO. With today’s technology and access to mobile data we can effectively design projects wherever your dreams may take you.